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Welcome to Sensor-Analytics for Clinical Performance Lab!

Constant improvement of medical personnel training methods is of the utmost importance for ensuring the safety and efficiency of clinical procedures.

The goal of our lab is to explore and develop new approaches and methods for capturing, assessing, and enhancing surgical and clinical performance. Our diverse research team of engineers, data scientists and physicians, use different combinations of surgical data to document clinical procedures.

scalpel's video gallery
Peg Transfer
In the video we can see a surgeon performing the task of peg transfer. The surgeon must move every triangle from the pegs, from the left to the right as fast as they can.
Automatic Checklist
Medical simulators provide a controlled environment for training and assessing clinical skills. However, as an assessment platform, it requires the presence of an experienced examiner to ...
Automatic Tool Detection
The Surgical Metrics Project aims at using wearable technologies to measure surgical skill. The project is led by the T.E.C.I center at Stanford.
Open Surgery Suturing - Pose Estimation